In 1995 I visited Kamchatka for three months, after the place had opened up for foreign visitors. I had just finished my photography degree and my goal was to visit Siberia and see how the native reindeer herders were living before the new times might change their life. From August through October I saw how the beautiful landscape changed from green summery hills to snowy tundra. I was stationed in Palana in the north-western part of the Kamchatka peninsula. Palana is the head center for the native Koryaks. The name Koryaks were given to them by others and mean those who live with reindeers. They are divided into two groups, however: the Nemelan who live along the coast and rivers, and Chauchen who live with their reindeers. The photos are from back in the film days and I do still find the images strong and worth showing for those interested in Kamchatka and the Koryaks.