The Last of us


Morten Heiselberg

I am a photographer based in Bergen, Norway.

Educated as a photographer at Berkshire College of Art and Design in England, I have worked as a professional photographer since 1997. Today I am working as a photographer for The Picture Collection at the University of Bergen Library. Beside the work at the Picture Collection, I have specialized in still life, interior/architectural, corporate, landscape and reportage photography.

I enjoy traveling and spending time in the mountains. Over the years I have become a skilled landscape photographer and my pictures I can be found in magazines, calendars, and books.

Years at the Picture Collection have given me extensive experience with digital photo retouch and restoration of older images. I restore and prepare older photos for publications or private use. Both single images and for bigger book projects.

If you are in need of photos for advertising, product catalogues, or annual reports, or if you need beautiful landscape pictures, please get in contact.

I also provide fine art pictures for sale, both colour and b/w.